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League of Legends Asia E-sports

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A Chinese team claimed victory at an international e-sports(电子竞技)championship held in Paris on Sunday. Royal Never Give Up beat South Korean team Dragon X 3-1"The Asian Games will help esports become more mainstream in Southeast Asia and Asia," said Johnson Yeh, who manages the region for the Tencent-owned。

●0● events, FIFA, League of Legends, Need for Speed and Starcraft, are all popular video games which are listed among five e-sports events at the games, 4播放·总弹幕数02021-11-21 12:32:17 主人,未安装Flash插件,暂时无法观看视频,您可以…点赞投币收藏分享稿件投诉英雄联盟游戏电子竞技电子竞技LOL 新人普通市民楚。

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